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David Rotheray, formerly of Beautiful South, has written an album of Answer Ballads. If you ever wondered what happened to Rod Stewart's Maggie, Dolly Parton's Jolene, The Police's Roxanne or Dr Hook's Sylvia and of course her mother here is the answer from their own perspective.

The songs are sung by an array of talent including Eliza Carthy, Lisa Knapp, Bella Hardy, Kris Drever and Kathryn Williams.

David left university in 1988 to form The Beautiful South with friend and fellow songwriter Paul Heaton. Over the next 19 years the band released 10 studio albums as well as three compilation albums, notably the successful 'Carry On Up The Charts' (1995). During this period Heaton and Rotheray penned several top 20 hits, including 'Song For Whoever' (1989), 'Rotterdam' (1996) and 'Perfect Ten' (1998). Rotheray also released three albums with his acoustic side project 'Homespun' between 2003 and 2008.

Since The Beautiful South split in 2008, Rotheray has issued two 'solo' albums, The Life Of Birds (2010) and Answer Ballads (2013). Though nominally solo records, both of these albums are collaborative efforts, made in conjunction with singers and writers from the English and Scottish folk scenes.

"It's such a simple concept one wonders why it wasn't done before; songs that adopt characters named in well-known hits....A witty, entertaining cavalcade. "  —Neil Spencer, The Guardian


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