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From Scotland’s moors to your front doors! Brought together by a shared passion for jangling guitars, animal-print couture, arcane Britannia, and ample handfuls of hallucinogens, The Uncle Devil Show take classic Anglo-pop around strangely intriguing new corners with their bafflingly brilliant debut A Terrible Beauty. Singing multi-instrumentalists Langton Herring, Jason Barr, and the one simply known as Terrence open a musical window into an alternate dimension of sinister lyrical delights and ruthless hooks. Topics explored include the nutritional properties of Gilbert O’Sullivan records, pigeon bloodlust, 15th century bicycle theft, and a painful inability to cross-dress well.

(NOTE: Any resemblance between the members of The Uncle Devil Show and Justin Currie (Del Amitri), Jim McDermott (Simple Minds), and solo artist Kevin McDermott is quite a lovely coincidence, innit?)


"The Uncle Devil Show’s album is very funny. Laugh out loud funny in places in fact. Yet even better, the songs here stand up on
repeated listening, long after the chuckling at the wry and sardonic lyrics has stopped...Unlike other celebrity side-projects, this isn’t just a bunch of rich mates having a laugh in the studio. Songs such as ’I Had A Drink About You’ or ’She Cuts Her Own Fringe’ are at least the equal of anything the band members have been involved with before." -

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