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Without a doubt, Lúnasa is one of the most celebrated new bands to come out of Ireland in a long time. Described as "full of imaginative leaps, and fiery, faultless playing" (The Irish Echo), their music befits the background of its members: Trevor Hutchinson (The Waterboys, Sharon Shannon Band) and Donough Hennessy (Sharon Shannon Band) on acoustic bass and guitar, Kevin Crawford (Moving Cloud) on flute, and Seán Smyth (Coolfin) on fiddle.

Otherworld, their first worldwide release, introduces this band with eleven tracks of instrumental fire, featuring brilliant solo playing over intense guitar and bass grooves. Already acknowledged as "the hottest Irish acoustic group on the planet" (The Irish Voice), Lúnasa has set new standards for the music in the next millenium with Otherworld, one of the most important recordings of any year.

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