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To Shorten the Winter is a collection of songs drawn from the traditions surrounding wintertime in Ireland and, of course, Christmas. Joined by friends Dolores Keane, Liam O Flynn, Stephen Cooney, Arty McGlynn, and more, the album includes Tommy’s wonderfully Irish take on the holiday spirit. A traditional Irish treatment of the 60’s gem "A Whiter Shade of Pale" is a humorous nod to the Christmas seasons enjoyed by all during the long Yule tide nights celebrated in the North of Ireland. The hauntingly beautiful spoken word piece, "A Christmas Childhood," is a trip back in time to the wonder of this magical season.


"To Shorten the Winter: An Irish Christmas with Tommy Sands may be the best folk holiday CD of this or any season, a warm and refreshing collection of originals, Celtic classics and, unexpectedly, a great version of Whiter Shade of Pale." - Rocky Mountain News

"All in all, Tommy Sands’ To Shorten the Winter gives you a lovely taste of what a true Irish Christmas ought to be about - love, and peace, family and hope. - University of Chicago Independent Monthly

"His voice, songs and themes are so heartfelt that they seem immediately intimate and friendly, even if you are unfamiliar with this music.
To Shorten the Winter is a very appropriate Christmas album for these times." - The Irish Herald

"Tommy Sands presents an Irish Christmas album that goes straight to the heart." - New Age Voice

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