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This internationally acclaimed ensemble from Chile returns with a gigantic new release. Andadas combines Andean melodies, world rhythms and thrilling multi-voiced choruses to create dramatically original music with overtones of classicism.

Inti-Illimani (pronounced In-tee-yee-mani), perform on more than 16 different string, wind and percussion instruments, and all seven members sing, their Spanish lyrics giving voice to love, loss and the freedom of human expression. Inti-Illimani is known worldwide as the leading proponent of what is called "Nueva Cancion," the New Song movement of their native land.

Exiled from their homeland for over 15 years after the overthrow of the Allende regime in 1973, Inti-Illimani returned home in 1988, by then having earned international fame and respect. Besides their own extensive touring, Inti-Illimani have participated in the 1988 Amnesty International Tour with Peter Gabriel, Sting and Youssou N’Dour, and toured and recorded with John Williams, Paco Pena and Holly Near. This is a landmark album.

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