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In the six years since the formation of the band, Gráda’s original compositions have matured as they continue to broaden and refine their sound. In addition to traditional songs and tunes, Cloudy Day Navigation boasts material drawn from Susanne Vega, Sony Condell, Leslie Harris, and Emily Smith.

Alan Doherty: Flutes, Whistles, Vocals, Percussion
Andrew Laking: Double Bass, Vocals, Guitar
Colin Farrell: Fiddle, Whistle
Gerry Paul: Guitars, Vocals
Nicola Joyce: Vocals, Bodhran

Featuring special guests Alison Brown, Bill Blackmore, Tola Custy, Dave Hingerty, Trevor Hutchison, Vyvienne Long, Wiremu Namana and Rasmus Skovmand.


This CD also includes a bonus DVD of gorgeous live concert footage.

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