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Featuring special guest Rhonda Vincent, fiddler Stuart Duncan, banjoist Noam Pikelny, and dobroist Rob Ickes.

Grown Up is dominated by ballads, bittersweet tales of lost love and stories of murder, with guitarist John’s reedy tenor providing the plaintive lead vocal amid soaring harmonies”, says journalist Don McLeese. “Like so many within the emerging generation of bluegrass artists, The Chapmans sidestep the show-off strain of technical virtuosity as they employ instrumental arrangements that enhance the song rather than overpower it.”

The Chapmans continue to enlarge their fan base to include Americana, bluegrass and acoustic country genres. Albeit a young band, they have been touring professionally for almost two decades and fans and peers alike have nominated and honored them with numerous awards for their songwriting, instrumental, vocal and entertaining talents. Having played thousands of shows, they’ve evolved into a band with a great artistic formula which reaches any size and aged audience, crossing several genres of music.

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