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On his debut solo album entitled Far From the Hills of Donegal, Oisin McAuley embraces the opportunity to express musical ideas in a manner that reflects his highly individual and progressive style of fiddle playing. “You’ll probably hear a lot of stuff that is not very traditional, that reaches a bit beyond that,” says McAuley, who has been a member of the award-winning band Danú since 2001. “Danú is known for being a traditional band, but playing music that reaches out from the traditional has been part of my life for a long time, longer than I’ve been with Danú.”

This collection of songs shows McAuley’s approach to tradition is an eclectic one. It begins with the many flavors of Donegal music, moving through Sligo to Brittany to Quebec, and back to Western Ireland. McAuley infuses his traditional musical styling with jazz, bluegrass, and classical.

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