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Jon Boden is truly the man to watch on the UK Folk music scene: He’s toured internationally with Bellowhead at a range of prestigious festivals, he’s also performed on Later with Jools Holland (alongside new fans, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers) and made two other televised appearances at the BBC 2008 Proms. His new CD, SONGS FROM THE FLOODPLAIN is a return to his rock roots and follows in a long tradition of post-apocalyptic literature, from The Last Man by Mary Shelley (1826) through Ridley Walker by Russell Hoban (1980) to, more recently, The Road by Cormac McCarthy (2006). This is probably the first time the subject has been seriously tackled in the form of an album, though, it has to be said that SONGS FROM THE FLOODPLAIN is far less bleak then that of the many novels which examine the subject. These are in fact hand-me-down songs from a time that has yet to happen. Set in some post-apocalyptic Albion, these are tales about life in a post-industrial wasteland where the barbed-wire and the ivy intertwine; a place where hope hasn’t entirely dwindled away, but it may be on its last legs.

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