Andy Irvine and Paul Brady Reunite at Celtic Connections

January 30, 2008
With their classic self-titled release in 1976, Andy Irvine and Paul Brady became pioneers in the world of Irish music. The two are reuniting for a special concert at this year’s Celtic Connections festival to celebrate their landmark recording.

Wednesday 30th January 2008, 7.30pm
Glasgow Royal Concert Hall : Auditorium

Hear clips from Andy Irvine & Paul Brady here.

Compass Records Group at Celtic Connections

January 28, 2008
Check out video from "Travelling Folk" at Celtic Connections with performances from Compass Records artists Heidi Talbot, and Eamonn Coyne and Kris Drever.

See it at the BBC Scotland website.

Compass Records in Boston Globe Top 10

January 28, 2008
Two Compass Records releases from 2007 have been recognized in The Boston Globe’s Top 10.

From the article:

The Best CDs of 2007
Scott Alarik
The Boston Globe, Arts, Etc.
December 16, 2007
#3 Beoga, "Mischief" At once gentle and sly, this young quintet from County Antrim is as innovative as Celtic mavericks like Solas and Lunasa. Something about the tinkly interplay of piano and two concertinas, however, makes their revolution feel more like a wink than a wallop.

#4 Martin Simpson, "Prodigal Son" It’s not clear if Simpson intended to produce a study on the European roots of American music, but he did. One of England’s finest guitarists, he moves from British ballad to juke-joint blues, Vermont lament to Appalachian banjo frolic, tracing the transatlantic veins beneath the skin of our music.

Bill Margeson and Announce 2008 "Livies" Winners

January 25, 2008
Bill Margeson and have announced their 2008 "Livies" winners with several Compass Records artists receiving nods.

Best Female Vocalist goes to Eddie Reader for her 2007 Compass Records release Peacetime.

    "This Scot can sing! Her voice is a wonder. It can be wild, gentle, soft, or rockin’, as she originally started in rock and roll. Starting with last year’s The Songs of Robert Burns and now with Peacetime, she has set a new gold standard of what the best can offer."

    Michael Black’s performance on "Billy O’Shea" from his self-titled album earned him Vocal Cut of the Year.

      "A true Dublin song...A great album. A fabulous song. A really terrific singer."

      Instrumental Cut of the Year is "Jazzy Wilbur" from Beoga’s 2007 album Mischief.

        "Brilliantly arranged and played, it shows this multi-talented group at its best...There could have been about six other tunes of theirs that would have won this Award—all perfect—and, all different. We had to pick one. We listened to Jazzy Wilbur the most. Reason enough!!"

        See the rest of the list at

        Kane Welch Kaplin To Open For John Prine

        January 23, 2008
        Kane Welch Kaplin are scheduled to open for John Prine on March 8th at the Orpheum Theatre in Memphis, TN and March 9th in Little Rock, AR at the Robinson Center Music Hall.

        To hear clips from their latest release, Kane Welch Kaplin, click here.
        For more Kane Welch Kaplin tour dates, click here.

        Green Linnet to release Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill’s Welcome Here Again February 12th

        January 22, 2008
        "Hayes has one of the most ravishing violin styles in all of Celtic music...Cahill’s gentle, supportive accompaniment adds precisely the right touch." - LOS ANGELES TIMES

        Irish fiddle virtuoso Martin Hayes and Chicago-born guitarist Dennis Cahill possess a rare, almost telepathic musical kinship. The duo’s new album, Welcome Here Again, is a fresh departure; eighteen tracks, not one of them over seven minutes, but with that same burning intensity and depth of emotion found in their previous collaborations, The Lonesome Touch (1997) and Live in Seattle (1999). It was once common for Irish musicians to record one tune at a time, to make each one a self-contained masterpiece and in Welcome Here Again this tradition is revived. The mesmeric rhythms, the tantalizing slow release of melody, the extra tone from viola or tuned-down fiddle, all of that and more is present here.

        Welcome Here Again is the first release on Green Linnet since it’s acquisition by the Compass Records Group in 2006. Beginning March 1, 2008 the Compass Records Group will kick off a year long Green Linnet relaunch campaign.

        To sample tunes from Welcome Here Again click here.

        Beoga Tour Diary - Part 3

        January 18, 2008
        Installment 3 is here...

        Martin Simpson’s Prodigal Son - Kansas Public Radio Best of 2007

        January 17, 2008
        Kansas Public Radio has selected Martin Simpson’s Prodigal Son at one of their favorite releases of 2007.

        From their e-newsletter:
        "When it comes to traditional folk, it would be hard to imagine a better album that Martin Simpson’s Prodigal Son (Compass). Well versed in both English and American folk songs, and brilliant at both guitar and banjo, Simpson explores such ballads as "Lakes of Champlain" and "The Granemore Hare" and has a haunting version of Randy Newman’s "Louisiana 1927" (with special guest Jackson Browne). Don’t miss Simpson’s touching ode to his father, "Never Any Good." The Old Blind Dogs play hard-charging traditional Scottish tunes with a world-beat percussive background on Four on the Floor (Compass), where they also explore traditional songs like "Cairn o’ Mount" and "The Bonnie Earl o’ Moray." When it comes to exploring and extending the legacy of Scottish fiddle playing, no one surpasses Martin Simpson, who teams with cellist Natalie Haas on In the Moment (Culburnie). Simpson also writes most of the gorgeous tunes, and the duo provides a surprising amount of rhythmic and dynamic variety for just two instruments."

        Sample tracks from Prodigal Son here.

        Old Blind Dogs Announce New Tour Dates

        January 16, 2008
        Old Blind Dogs Announce January/February Tour

        ’’A huge winner from a wonderful band.’’ - Bill Margeson, & Irish American News

        "The latest release by Old Blind Dogs is absolutely fabulous. It’s extremely well-done and a marvelous addition to the band’s catalog. It’s perfect for the casual fans of Scottish music or for aficionados of this wonderful style. I’m anxious for our listeners to hear this one!" - Marty Scarbrough, KASU

        Since forming in 1990, the Old Blind Dogs have stood on the cutting edge of Scotland’s roots revival. Taking their name from an old-timey American song, the band has developed its own trademark style, with dynamic percussion and bluesy harmonica fueling the delicately-phrased melodies of traditional songs. In 2004 and 2007, the Dogs have won the coveted Folk Band of the Year honor at the Scottish Trad Music Awards.

        Fifteen years is a long time in the life of any band and most who reach that milestone are content to rest on the tried and true formulas that have worked in the past. Not so for Scotland’s Old Blind Dogs whose newly released Four on the Floor takes them bravely in many new directions. The tracks on Four on the Floor run the gamut from contemporary songs such as Ewan McColl’s "Terror Time" and Davie Robertson’s "Star O’ The Bar" to tunes from Brittany and Galicia, to tunes found, as many a favorite Dog’s tune has been, in "dusty old books". As to the title, fiddle player Johnny Hardie claims that it "is just a reference to there being four of us on the stage now as far as I’m concerned--but everyone has there own theories (everything from manual gear boxes to us falling around a lot!) You decide."

        To hear clips from their latest release Four on the Floor, click here.

        See OBD on tour this January & February:
        1/15/08 Wolfeboro Folk Brookfield, NH
        1/26/08 Celtic Arts East Greenbush, NY
        1/27/08 Tunbridge Town Hall Tunbridge, VT
        1/28/08 St. Mark Presbyterian Church by IMT Rockville, MD
        1/31/08 Gravity Lounge Charlottesville, VA
        2/1/08 Tir Na Nog Raleigh, NC
        2/2/08 Footmad Charleston, WV
        2/5/08 Thursdays Bridgewater, PA
        2/6/08 Bellville Opera House Bellville, OH
        2/7/08 The German House Rochester, NY
        2/8/08 Kirkland Arts Clinton, NY
        2/9/08 University of Hartford - Wilde Hall Hartford, CT
        2/10/08 O’Shea’s Olde Inn West Dennes, MA
        2/13/08 Nichols College Dudley, MA
        2/15/08 Bodles Opera House Chester, NY
        2/15/08 Scottish and Irish Festival King of Prussia, PA

        New Releases from Mozaik and Beoga Available Now

        January 15, 2008

        Mozaik - Changing Trains

        "Spirit-shocking, genre-bending music... sublime in execution..." - THE IRISH TIMES




        All aboard for Changing Trains, Mozaik’s first studio album available today. Departing from an Irish pub circa 1962 and passing through Hungary for a chance encounter with a blue-eyed beauty before stopping in the Virginias for an old-fashioned hoedown, Mozaik’s Changing Trains is a musical journey hindered not by genre, place or time signature. Recorded in 2005 in Budapest, Mozaik’s first studio album explores and celebrates the fusion of Irish, European and American folk music. While Changing Trains is a "unique cross-cultural exercise" (Irish Music Magazine), the strength of this album lies within each individual member’s deep respect and understanding of their own musical traditions.




        Mozaik are Ireland’s Andy Irvine and Donal Lunny (both original members of Planxty), American born old-time musician Bruce Molsky, Dutch guitarist Rens Van Der Zalm, and Hungarian multi-instrumentalist Nikola Parov.










        Beoga - A Lovely Madness


        “...marvelous energy...a wonderful, wonderful album.” - BILL MARGESON, IRISH AMERICAN NEWS

        Originally released in September 2004, Beoga’s A Lovely Madness was welcomed to critical and popular acclaim in Ireland, Europe and America. While the bedrock of Beoga’s music lies firmly within the Irish tradition, they are not afraid to incorporate other genres’ nuances into their music. From bluesy riffs inspired by gigging in Amsterdam (“Amsterdam Blues”) to a jazzy jig (“Funk”), their music always returns to a wonderfully bouncy traditional sound. With a repertoire of fresh self-penned tunes and inventive arrangements, their debut album A Lovely Madness has earned a 9/10 in Ireland’s Hot Press magazine and was in their list of Top Trad/Folk Albums of the year.



        Beoga (Irish word for ‘lively’) are a five-piece traditional band based in County Antrim, Ireland. Drawn together after ‘jamming’ in a ferocious music session at the All-Ireland Fleadh in August 2002, their unique sound features the twin duelling accordians of Seán Óg Graham and Damian McKee, along with four time All-Ireland bodhrán champion Eamon Murray and pianist Liam Bradley. While they have recently added one of Ireland’s premier young singers, Niamh Dunne, to the fold, their debut CD, A Lovely Madness was recorded before her arrival in the band.

        Colin Hay on Scrubs - See it here.

        January 07, 2008
        View Colin Hay’s most recent appearance on the hit sitcom Scrubs at the official Compass Records You Tube Channel.

        Kane Welch Kaplin in Jessie’s Top 50!

        January 02, 2008
        Congratulations to Kane Welch Kaplin for landing a spot on XM’s X Country Top 50 of 2007!! Hosted by Jessie Scott, X Country features greasy, gritty down-home country infused with folk, rock and blues. Click here to see the entire list.
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