Kila - Handel's Fantasy (TB - KR 003)


This is the 1992 debut from Ireland's Kila. Largely acoustic, this album consists of several original compositions performed in the traditional vein with a few exceptions bearing a more contemporary style, most notably "B'fhéidir." Acoustic guitar, electric bass and percussion provide the rhythm for Kila's music while fiddle, tin whistles and uilleann pipes generally carry the melodies. The most interesting piece on this album is the title track that combines Arcangelo Corelli's 17th century piece "La Folia" with the traditional-Irish "Mulhaires Reel" and Kila wind player Colm O Snodaigh's "Handel's Fantasy."

Track List:
1. Handel’s Fantasy
2. Leslie’s Tune
3. B’fheidir
4. Tiggy’s Giggles
5. Ril Rossa
6. Cathain
7. Banda Ruibear
8. Fan Sa Diallat
9. Four Ages Of Man
10. Ril a hAon
11. Faoiseamh