Artist Date City State Country Event/Venue Notes
David Mayfield 05-28-2015 New York NY USA David Rubinstein Atrium
Special Consensus 05-29-2015 Middlebury IN USA Heritage Hall
Claire Lynch 05-29-2015 Auburn AL USA Bluegrass on the Plains
Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen 2015-05-29 Pigeon Forge TN USA Dollywood
Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen 2015-05-30 Pigeon Forge TN USA Dollywood
Darden Smith 05-30-2015 Austin TX USA Wyldwood Shows
Claire Lynch 05-30-2015 Preston CT USA Strawberry Park Bluegrass
Ron Sexsmith 06-02-2015 Los Angeles CA USA Largo
Mike Farris 06-03-2015 Decatur GA USA Eddie's Attic
Ron Sexsmith 06-03-2015 San Diego CA USA The Casbah
Mike Farris 06-04-2015 Greenwood SC USA Greenwood Community Theatre
Ron Sexsmith 06-04-2015 San Juan Capistrano CA USA Coach House
Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen 06-04-2015 Fot Collins CO USA Acoustic Bridge Musical Potluck
Colin Hay 06-05-2015 Columbus OH USA The LC Pavilion

With Barenaked Ladies and Violent Femmes

Mike Farris 06-05-2015 Charlotte NC USA The Evening Muse
Ron Sexsmith 06-05-2015 San Francisco CA USA Hotel Utah
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