Artist Date City State Country Event/Venue Notes
A.J. Croce 04-29-2017 Mountain View AR USA Ozark Folk Center
The HillBenders 05-04-2017 Green Bay WI USA Weidner Center for the Performing Arts
The HillBenders 05-05-2017 Cedar Falls IA USA Gallagher Bluedorn Great Hall
The HillBenders 05-06-2017 Fairmont MN USA Fairmont Opera House
The HillBenders 05-11-2017 Meridan MS USA MSU Riley Center
The HillBenders 05-12-2017 Memphis TN USA Buckman Performing & Fine Arts Center
The HillBenders 05-13-2017 Maryville TN USA Clayton Center for the Arts
A.J. Croce 06-24-2017 Springfield IL USA Sangamon Auditorium
Michael Cleveland 07-01-2017 Conway MO USA Starvy Creek Bluegrass Festival
Michael Cleveland 07-08-2017 Gardners PA USA Bluegrass on the Grass
Michael Cleveland 08-03-2017 Milan MI USA Milan Bluegrass Festival
Michael Cleveland 08-04-2017 Grayson KY USA Rudy Fest presents Mandolin Farms BG Fest
Mike Farris 09-08-2017 Yadkinville NC USA Willingham Theater
Michael Cleveland 10-05-2017 Manteo NC USA Outer Banks Bluegrass Festival
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