Artist Date City State Country Event/Venue Notes
Special Consensus 11-08-2014 Wilmington OH USA Southern Ohio Indoor Music Festival
Special Consensus 11-09-2014 Wheelersburg OH USA Living With A Cause Theater
A.J. Croce 11-09-2014 Denver CO USA Swallow Hill
Special Consensus 2014-11-14 Harrietville Vi AUS MountainGrass Festival
Special Consensus 2014-11-15 Harrietville Vi AUS MountainGrass Festival
Special Consensus 2014-11-16 Harrietville Vi AUS MountainGrass Festival
Claire Lynch 11-14-2014 Franklin TN USA Franklin Theatre
A.J. Croce 11-20-2014 New Orleans LA USA Music at The Mint - Louisiana State Museum
The Farewell Drifters 11-21-2014 Decatur GA USA Eddie's Attic


A.J. Croce 11-21-2014 Baton Rogue LA USA Red Dragon
The Farewell Drifters 11-22-2014 Birmingham AL USA WorkPlay Theatre


Special Consensus 11-22-2014 Frankfort IL USA Down Home Guitars
Larry Stephenson 11-28-2014 Myrtle Beach SC USA South Carolina State Bluegrass Festival


Claire Lynch 12-03-2014 Wellsboro Pa USA Wellsboro High School


Darden Smith 12-05-2014 Austin TX USA Cactus Cafe


A.J. Croce 12-05-2014 La Grange TX USA The Bugle Boy
Claire Lynch 12-05-2014 Peninsula OH USA Happy Days Lodge
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