Artist Date City State Country Event/Venue Notes
The HillBenders 04-18-2015 Raleigh NC USA The North Carolina CueGrass Festival
Rob Ickes and Trey Hensley 04-23-2015 Nashville TN USA Station Inn
Mike Farris 04-24-2015 Huntersville NC USA Lake Forest Church
Nell Robinson 04-25-2015 Sacramento CA USA Crest Theater
David Mayfield 04-26-2015 Wilkesboro NC USA Merle Fest
A.J. Croce 04-29-2015 Chicago IL USA City Winery
Mike Farris 04-30-2015 Fayetteville AR USA St Pauls Episcopal Church
Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper 05-01-2015 Newark OH USA Crossroads Christian Church


David Mayfield 05-01-2015 Tampa FL USA Tropical Heatwave
Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill 05-01-2015 Hornby Island BC CAN Hornby Community Center
The Duhks 05-01-2015 Chapel Hill NC USA Community Church of Chapel Hill
Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill 05-02-2015 Qualicum B. USA Qualicum Community Baptists Church
The Duhks 05-02-2015 Harrisonburg VA USA Court Square Theater
Mike Farris 05-03-2015 Austin TX USA Riverbend Church
Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill 05-03-2015 Vancouver BC CAN St. James Hall
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