Artist Date City State Country Event/Venue Notes
Claire Lynch 05-15-2015 Pictou AB CAN deCoste Entertainment Centre
Claire Lynch 05-29-2015 Auburn AL USA Bluegrass on the Plains
Claire Lynch 07-24-2015 Lyons CO USA Rockygrass Festival
Claire Lynch 08-02-2015 Keystone CO USA Keystone Bluegrass Festival
Claire Lynch 05-30-2015 Preston CT USA Strawberry Park Bluegrass
Claire Lynch 04-19-2015 Orlando FL USA Fodor's Grove
Claire Lynch 07-29-2015 West Whately MA USA Watermelon Wednesdays
Claire Lynch 04-23-2015 North Bethesda MD USA Amp, Powered by Strathmore
Claire Lynch 08-07-2015 Baltimore MD USA Creative Alliance
Claire Lynch 07-26-2015 Cornish ME USA Ossipee Valley Bluegrass Festival
Claire Lynch 04-30-2015 Traverse City MI USA FLOW
Claire Lynch 05-02-2015 Tawas City MI USA Corsair Concert Series
Claire Lynch 05-02-2015 Muskegon MI USA The Block
Claire Lynch 09-13-2015 Silver CIty MI USA Pickamania!
Claire Lynch 05-20-2015 Moncton NB KHM Capitol Theatre


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