Artist Date City State Country Event/Venue Notes
Claire Lynch 2014-04-26 Wilkesboro NC USA MerleFest


Claire Lynch 2014-04-27 Wilkesboro NC USA MerleFest


Claire Lynch 06-15-2014 Raleigh NC USA Midtown Park Amphitheatre


Claire Lynch 06-28-2014 Morgantown NC USA Red White and Bluegrass Festival


Claire Lynch 08-30-2014 Woodstown NJ USA Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival


Claire Lynch 06-06-2014 Albuquerque NM USA Albuquerque Folk Festival


Claire Lynch 07-19-2014 Oak Hill NY USA Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival


Claire Lynch 05-15-2014 Gettysburg PA USA Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival


Claire Lynch 05-24-2014 Nashville TN USA Hands Together in Flatrock Music & Arts Festival


Claire Lynch 08-01-2014 Kingsport TN USA Renaissance Center


Claire Lynch 05-07-2014 Bulverde TX USA Hill Country House Concerts


Claire Lynch 05-08-2014 Wimberley TX USA Blue Rock Texas


Claire Lynch 05-09-2014 Allen TX USA Allen Heights Baptist Church


Claire Lynch 05-10-2014 Woodville TX USA Triple Creek RV Music Park - Pickin in the Pines


Claire Lynch 05-31-2014 Syria VA USA Graves Mountain Festival of Music


Claire Lynch 07-06-2014 Hot Springs VA USA Garth Newel Music Center


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